I am Nikolai Graf-Rüssel

This is a new website with really nothing on it.

I am a dad of 3 boys, born 2013, 2016, 2021, and a husband to my beautiful wife. We met in 2005 when I worked as an event manager at the famous racing track called Hockenheimring. Back than in my spare time I DJ‘ed across Germany and produced electronic Music. One track called Paso Doble even made it for some weeks nr. 1 at the German Club Charts.

In 2010 I stopped DJing and my music carrer completely and started with a friend of mine a marketing agency called „Birds Group“.

After this amazing time and some decisions later in 2016 I stopped leading Birds Group and started my own company called „WSRN“ as an digital agency focusing on creating, Hosting and maintaining Manila WordPress websites.

Since 2022 I work as a product manager for a German Hosting company called STRATO. We deliver products to more than 1 million customers with more than 170 Million revenue. At STRATO I am responsible for our core products web hosting, wordpress, domains and mail. I am responsible commercially and technically. We are one of the biggest hoster in Germany and Europe. We are a member of IONOS Group.

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